A great thing to have in the home especially during colder months is a fireplace. If you have a fireplace then you know what we are talking about. The fun that you are going to have with a fireplace during winter or the colder months will be immeasurable and it would be very difficult to top it. Your home will be more fun if you have a fireplace especially for children because it is a great way to stay cozy while roasting some mallows on the fire and creating delicious recipes with it together with their family and friends. A Christmas with a fireplace is also a memorable one that you should try if you have not experienced it yet. If ever you want to give your family a gift for Christmas, we suggest you build a fireplace for everyone as a general gift because everyone; old or young can appreciate this.

Although you have to keep in mind that owning a fireplace does not stop and start when you build the fire because as the owner, you would have to do the important thing such as minor fireplace repair or regular fireplace cleaning. Yes, you have heard us right. You would need to clean out your home’s fireplace every now and then even during the months in which you are not using it because this is the proper way to maintain it. This is also the right thing to do to ensure its good condition and so that you will still be able to use in the coming winters.

If you want to own a fireplace or if you already have a new fireplace but does not know how to maintain it properly, we are going to give you some DIY Cleaning Tips you should follow in order for you to keep your fireplace well maintained.


You should wait until the fireplace is cooled already before you can take some steps in cleaning it. Never attempt to clean it while it is hot or if you see that there are obvious coals and little fires left because you can harm yourself and it might cause your hair or other parts of your body to experience different burn degrees that nobody wants. Thus, to be safe, you should wait until it is already cool.


If you want to clean out the fireplace in your home, you should cover the surrounding area with a protective layer. You should choose a plastic covering rather than those made out of cotton because it could still absorb dirt that will still transfer to the items you are covering. You should cover your appliances and your furniture including your carpet and floors with a plastic protective covering.


Never leave anything in your fireplace. You should remove all debris left in your fireplace if you want to clean it properly. Even if there are still some wood that can be used in the next lighting of your fireplace, keep it somewhere else and return it when you have cleaned everything.

Your fireplace should be cleaned and well maintained for it to last a long time.