Have you been told you walked weird? Or you think your shoulder look unbalanced in front of the mirror? Perhaps when you look at your reflection you find your hips higher than the other? Or maybe someone told you those shoulder blades on your back look a bit unbalanced? These signs can be scoliosis. 

What is Scoliosis? 

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. This occurs during the growth spurt just before puberty. Scoliosis can be caused by certain conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy however the cause of most scoliosis is usually unknown.  

Scoliosis can affect anyone, from infants to children or adults and this can progress overtime. Scoliosis is a condition that’s 10 times more prominent in girls compared to boys. Worsening of the situation means an increased curve or angle in the spine which leads to more significant symptoms. 

The size of the angle of the curve of the spine may be small, large or somewhere in between, however it is considered scoliosis if the curve seen in your spine is more than 10 degrees. Curvature of the spine can go from 10 to 25 degrees and is considered a significant challenge and go as high as 45 degrees which is considered severe. Uneven hips, shoulder blades, waist or shoulders are one of the most common symptoms of scoliosis but in addition to this someone suffering from scoliosis can suffer from low back pain, back stiffness, pain and numbness in the legs and sometimes fatigue due to muscle strain.  

In order to know if you have scoliosis or not, a diagnosis should be your first and foremost goal.  Chiropractors can identify scoliosis and can help relieve or reduce scoliosis pain. Many of the adults experiencing scoliosis want a non-invasive and non-drug way of alleviating pain from scoliosis. Avoiding severe pain can be helped if you decide to consult your chiropractor as early as today, this can help you start your chiropractic sessions right away. 

A chiropractor can give you ways to move and rest that can minimize or relieve scoliosis pain. Often times, strengthening exercises are practiced to support joints. Moreover, a chiropractor does procedures so that an individual with scoliosis can stay active without increasing the symptoms. 

Studies have also proven that chiropractic treatment can drastically improve the spine angle problem while increasing mobility. 

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